Day Three of the Three Day Quote Challenge

“The politics we most need right now is the “politics of community.”  In that birthing process, a prophetic spiritual network—across the lines of race, class, gender, and region— cab act as the mid-wife of new possibilities”.  Jim Wallis 

“The more urgent the need for a decision, the less apparent becomes the identity of the decision-maker.” Murphy’s Eighteenth Law in Peter’s People


  Politicians 2Politicians







Eons ago, in my sophomore social studies class in high school I wrote a dissertation regarding America and politicians.  I wish I had it now, as it is the only paper on which I received an A+.  I compared what was taking place in the United States back in the 1960’s to the fall of the Roman Empire. Now, I laugh as John F. Kennedy was President, and I believe that my teacher voted Republican. My teacher even kept my paper so that no one could copy it.  I was taking Latin at the time so our translations were about the Roman Empire.


What I saw then and continue to see is the hijinks performed by our so-called leaders, no matter what party controls the office.  These people who supposedly lead by example seem to be more interested in partying than running office.  We built corporate America to help employ individuals living in our country.  Instead of creating Win/Win situations for employees and employers, the employers use the profit brought in to only benefit them.  Jobs now go overseas to countries that do not pay high wages.

Here in the states our politicians raise taxes; corporations charge more for their goods; and the employees do not earn enough to buy homes and feed their families.  I worked for one company where the employees had not had raises in six years so that their product could be sold competitively.  This was at the height of the market before the bubble burst.

Seniors, the middle-class, and low-income citizens do not earn enough for a healthy lifestyle.  The prices of goods are rising out of sight and our people are having more and more difficulty making ends meet.

We need more business minded politicians who can learn to budget, save, and plan for a “rainy day.”  Politicians, who actually cared for their people.  Normally I do not intend to RANT, but I see the United States crumbling before my eyes, and I feel so sad.  Please, when you vote let’s find a politician who is true to his word… IF there is one out there.

 Politics 2


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After 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the fields of real estate, high tech, and corporate travel, Gwynn has moved on to the career of “Grandma.” When not teaching her granddaughters an extensive vocabulary of “alley-oop-boop, ups-a-daisy, cowabunga or bummer”, Gwynn can be found hunting for mentors for the Kitsap Youth Mentoring Consortium, or chasing her fantasies on her treadmill. Gwynn currently freelances for magazines.
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12 Responses to Day Three of the Three Day Quote Challenge

  1. Avatar pat garcia says:

    Very appropriate quotes for the state of mind in the United States. It is sad to see what is taking place there. It seems like no one ever read or studied history. The United States of America is repeating those same mistakes. Sometimes, I think it is true that nations never learn.


    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      It is weird to me that I left this post to Rant about our politics. Life, Books, Reading, Humor came to mind, but nothing ended up on my Word file. I’m taking a muscle relaxer periodically for my back and it must have relaxed my brain too.

      However, in the papers I see all the executives making extraordinary amounts of money and the middle-class is having a tough time making ends meet. Heck, I’m solely on Social Security and it sure doesn’t get me very far. Worse yet, both parties only squabble at one another, so the public takes the loss.

      We have seen the economic crashes so many times, and it will hit here in Seattle in about three years. Housing prices For Sale and Rent have gone up enormously. Plus, we send jobs overseas or search overseas to hire immigrants with special talents… heck robots do some jobs. It seems there is no respect for people working… ONLY if they are doing something really fancy. I truly am sad to watch this, and I worry about my grand children. What will their world be like? With our environment changing, will we have any water? There are LOTS of questions.

  2. Unfortunately a politician who actually cares about what is good and right for the people and the country just doesn’t exist, and probably wouldn’t make it far if they did.

    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      Sadly, it seems the bright people avoid politics. However, with the way that our government works I wonder if we could EVER have a Win/Win situation. I’m sad to see corporations’ money driving the government more than the people.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  3. Avatar Susan Scott says:

    Yup Gwynn, politics corrupts, absolutely. It’s extraordinary how we the voters are made promises – and we believe them. They say that we get the government we deserve – we voted the hucksters in after all.

    I too worry about future generations. My husband and I were talking about this on our trip back home this afternoon. It all looks gloomy indeed. I see the Fall of the Roman Empire happening in front of our eyes, worldwide. Perhaps from wall that destruction the Phoenix will rise again – who knows.

    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      I TRULY hope that the Phoenix WILL rise again… soon! But do we completely have to collapse before anything good takes place?

      Now, you see, I think the pain won out and allowed me to post this RANT. I have to work at bringing my humor back. Also, I’m finding some typos and I can’t figure out how to edit my blog. WordPress has changed a few things like removing the “edit” button.

      It is sad seeing the terrible events taking place around the world. I wonder if the terrible events like the earthquakes and hurricanes are a sign of the destruction to come?

  4. I’m grateful to live in a community where the “politics of community” matter. There are many remarkable instances where businesses who are technically in competition with one another are working together so they can all succeed. Our local organization designed to support small businesses is being modeled elsewhere in the country. I get discouraged — a lot — but there is hope.

    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      Generally, I think some of the small towns do better than the state or the nation as a whole. I think reading about Trump and some of the other candidates running must have depressed me… thus my RANT. I do happen to like Poulsbo’s mayor and I suspect that Poulsbo is similar to Port Townsend in that the small business work together to help one another out.

      Since the majority of our community consists of artists and antique malls, it is hard to keep them going. I’m betting the antique stores do better than the art galleries even with American Cruise Lines shipping their tourists through town periodically. I DO like Port Townsend.

  5. You nailed it, Gwynn. Given our political landscape today, the state of the political mind, this is sooooo very true. I wish we’d have real people up there, running for office, but I fear neither side has done a great job representing as everything is one huge political game. Loved your three-day challenge. Now, off to see what I can come up with. 🙂

    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      After RANTING about politics, I’m feeling I should find something fun to post now! I think all the press about Trump got to me.

      I can HARDLY wait to see what you post!! Thanks for being such a great friend!

  6. Nero’s got to stop fiddling.

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