H – Humor


“Humor:  The ability to laugh at any mistake you survive.”   Jerry Tucker

“This is not an easy time for humorists because the government is far funnier than we are.”   Art Buchwald

“We don’t stop laughing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop laughing.”  Unknown


My bubbly, independent, creative granddaughter, Sienna, at two and a half years old and learning to talk sometimes parroted what others said. One problem — sometimes she didn’t understand the meaning of what she was saying. She also didn’t understand the concept of what she attempted to say. So we learned some very interesting facts from her. One day while at daycare, she was playing on a climbing toy.  Her father, after work, had come to pick her up to take her home. Sienna was excited to see her dad and was in a hurry to reach him for her hug. Yet even though Sienna was quite close to the ground, she managed to slip and fall backwards, literally doing a small flip ending up on her back.  When her father extended his arms to pick her up off the ground, Sienna reached up for her dad and exclaimed, “Daddy, I brok’d my eyebrows!”  I still laugh.

Pretend to be normal

Humor often is looking at the mistakes in our life to appreciate our uniqueness.  I have a route I walk for my physical therapy.  I start out at the Poulsbo marina walking along the waterfront and boardwalk that hugs the town’s cliffs.  I then travel up a short flight of stairs to head down through town back to the marina, where I start over again.  I generally walk this route five times per day.  One day as I was headed down to the marina for the fifth time, a group of people ventured up from the docks.  As they saw me, one man came over to me stating, “Mame if you are lost, your boat is down at the end of the dock.”  Laughing, I pumped my arm saying, “YES! My boat FINALLY came in!”  We all laughed as I continued on my walk.

Humor is needed in our lives as it helps us keep a healthy perspective about life.  When the dark clouds arrive, a good laugh often will brighten the day.  Keep your sense of humor.  You will be amazed how you benefit from it.




About Gwynn Rogers

After 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the fields of real estate, high tech, and corporate travel, Gwynn has moved on to the career of “Grandma.” When not teaching her granddaughters an extensive vocabulary of “alley-oop-boop, ups-a-daisy, cowabunga or bummer”, Gwynn can be found hunting for mentors for the Kitsap Youth Mentoring Consortium, or chasing her fantasies on her treadmill. Gwynn currently freelances for magazines.
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12 Responses to H – Humor

  1. So, back when I was selling sandwiches on my executive lunch route, I had just left an office on an upper floor of a high rise building. One of my customers came with me. When the elevator arrived, it was full of people and the walls were padded, because movers were using it to transport furniture to an upper office. We got on. “This is the one that crashed,” said my customer, “that’s why it’s padded.” The passengers remained mute. Not one cracked a smile or said a word.

    That was 25 years ago, and I am laughing about it even now. That’s what made that job — and life — so fun: humor.

    Thanks for your humor, Gwynn.

    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      I’m laughing at your “crashed” elevator. I was going to ask if it was a “padded cell.” We HAVE to find humor in life, otherwise life would be DARN boring, in my estimation. Thanks for your fun story.

  2. Humor is what drew me to my husband. 🙂

    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      I’ll bet your husband is a great person, especially if he knows how to laugh and enjoy life! Humor is VALUABLE as otherwise life can look rather bleak sometimes. Thanks for commenting.

  3. A teacher of mine always said, “If you work, sweat, and laugh every day, you will be healthy, happy, and whole.” While I’m not sure that’s always true (yours is a case in point), humor and laughter are essential aspects of our lives. No matter what’s going on, we can find something to giggle about.

    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      Nadine, I’m learning that particularly in my case, laughter is essential. It is the sunshine in my day! I see too many people that don’t know how to laugh and they definitely become curmudgeons!! Your teacher was wise!

      Hopefully, you are having a fun time on your trip… keep laughing! 😉

  4. Avatar pat garcia says:

    You are so right. We need humour in our lives. I sometimes think if we would learn to laugh at ourselves, we would be more healthy.

    Another great post, Gwynn. I enjoyed the beginning story about your granddaughter.


    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      Good morning, Pat. I definitely am learning that laughter helps me get through the day and I feel so much better. We do have a choice… we can sit and be miserable or we can find things to laugh about to make life more enjoyable.

      Grandkids definitely provide GREAT ways to laugh! My five year old granddaughter makes the craziest faces. I want my daughter to video her antics and put them on YouTube. I think she will grow up to be a comedian!

      Thanks for stopping by Pat.

  5. Avatar Susan Scott says:

    Thanks Gwynn for this. loved sienna’s eyebrows getting broked! Nothing like a good laugh to get those endorphins cracking or a smile for that special feeling in region of heart. Thank you for the smile and reminding us of the value of humour.

    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      A great laugh does wonders for my mindset. It is as essential as oxygen. I would be in trouble without either… as we all would be. Sadly, too many people forget the value of laughing. Thanks for stopping by and chuckling with me.

  6. I love it. I could just imagine how cute Sienna was. And your line: my boat finally came. Oh, that’s just hilarious.
    Humor adds years to our lives, and makes everything all right for that short period. I consider it as important as a glass of good wine. 🙂

    • Avatar Gwynn Rogers says:

      Humor definitely adds spice to our life; and like that glass of good red wine… soothes and satisfies us! I had another great laugh today as an elderly man in his car did a “U-turn” in front of me so he could compliment me on my walking. I’ll have to write about it in “Q”… Queen of Poulsbo! 😉 There’s nothing like sun and fun!

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