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  1. Oh, Gwynn, that first quote is so compelling. Life falls apart when we’re awake. We should just sleep:) I had what seems like the longest, busiest day, this after days of my son’s been fighting a nasty virus for days. Life can be so glamorous. Not. 🙂 You hang in there, okay?

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      Oh Silvia, my heart goes out to you in dealing with your sick son. I sure hope he gets better quickly! By now, between your son, work, and the Challenge you must be ready for a face-plant too! Go get some SLEEP!!! 😉 I can order you around as I’m not sleeping. I have been lying awake since 1:00 this morning and it is now 4:00 but my eyes are starting to give out… so there is hope! Take care and HUGS!

  2. So tired, I just saw I pressed Send before proofing the post above first. 🙂

  3. durba dhyani says:

    Sorry to hear about your husband’s illness Gwynn. Hope he gets better soon and you get your much deserved rest. There are days when I want to lie in bed forever too, even though the thought maybe a bit morbid. A lovely post!

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      Yes, Durba, I can totally relate to wanting a LONG WINTER’S NAP!! Either that or I want to be a teenager again when I slept long hours… AHHHH sleep!

      Thanks for commenting Durba.

  4. Pat Garcia says:

    Even though you are very busy with the move and taking care of your husband, I believe some of your not sleeping is because of the books that are waking up inside of you. So when you move or better after the move, you won’t sleep because you’ll be writing.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      I’m laughing Pat. Right now I’m thinking of all the things that I either have to move or let the auctioneers take. Downsizing is quite an experience. I’m trying to figure out what I REALLY need … or not. Not sleeping is driving me crazy. I’m hoping some writing material pops into my brain, but I fear my feeble mind may have gone SPLAT!!! 😉

  5. I like the quotes, Gwynn, especially Hemingway’s. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think, “Yikes, what’s going to happen today?” Caregivers don’t get much sleep. I’m amazed at how many hours I sleep these days, since my mother’s been gone. I guess I’m catching up — or just getting old.

    Getting old is what this sitting and writing all day every day during these A-Zs does for me. I gain wait and lose muscle. Not good. I need weight lifting, though not that I’m going to come out there and help you pack. I think moving is my least favorite thing. but you are doing well, you and your husband. I’m happy for you.

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      Shucks, Samantha, I was looking forward to your arrival on the next drone, so that you could help me pack, lift, and ship my boxes to the apartment. I made another run this afternoon… PUFF, PUFF! I think I’m getting Buff too! 😉

      I am so tired, I think I could sleep for a week! I envy your ability to sleep in. Maybe some day soon I will receive some decent rest… I HOPE!!!! I don’t envy you all the work you did for your mother, especially for ten years. At this rate, I would be totally wiped out if I have to care for my husband for ten years… GROAN!!