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“Being the Queen is not all about singing, and being a diva is not all about singing.  It has much to do with your service to people.  And your social contributions to your community and your civic contributions as well.”  Aretha Franklin

“I’d like to be a queen in people’s hearts but I don’t see myself being queen of this country.”  Princess Diana



The other day as I was enjoying my walk around Poulsbo and soaking up the sun, I headed down through town toward the waterfront.  We have a rather crazy five way intersection that boggles drivers’ and pedestrians’ minds as one cannot see around the corner to see if a car is driving toward you.  Since I fear becoming ‘roadkill’ at this intersection, frequently I’ll wave cars through to prevent a back-up of cars as technically pedestrians have the right of way.

Lately, I have developed a bit more gumption when I reach the intersection.  I’ll look both ways and stride right across if it is safe.  This day, a little red Honda Fit zoomed right past me and did a “U-turn” right in the middle of the intersection cutting me off from the other side of the street.  He also cut in front of a five-wheeler pick-up truck that appeared that it could easily run over the Fit and not even notice the bump in the road.  The older gentleman (older than me) in the little Fit motioned me to the driver’s side of the window.  I assumed he needed directions to some place in town so I stepped over to his window.

The driver says “My girlfriend and I watch you walking all of the time.  Someone in town needs to dub you the Queen of Poulsbo, as you are beautiful. Keep up the great work!”  Trying not to laugh in his face, I graciously thanked the man and waved him out of the intersection before the gigantic truck behind him lost patience and squished him. Then I continued on with my walk through the rest of town.

But you know what?  After the gentleman’s comment to me I noticed my head held higher, my back straighter, and a smile bloomed on my face as I strode in a regal manner the remainder of my walk through town.

I have just been dubbed the Queen of Poulsbo and I feel it!


About Gwynn Rogers

After 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the fields of real estate, high tech, and corporate travel, Gwynn has moved on to the career of “Grandma.” When not teaching her granddaughters an extensive vocabulary of “alley-oop-boop, ups-a-daisy, cowabunga or bummer”, Gwynn can be found hunting for mentors for the Kitsap Youth Mentoring Consortium, or chasing her fantasies on her treadmill. Gwynn currently freelances for magazines.
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22 Responses to Q – Queen

  1. Susan Scott says:

    What a quite lovely interaction at the intersection Gwynn thank you! Absolutely wonderful! I am truly smiling! I would be on Cloud 9 and 10 and 200 for a very long time indeed! Keep that back straight, limbs loose, and the smile on your dial ever blooming!

    Maybe start looking for a crown to wear while walking?

  2. Well, I didn’t know I was hanging out with royalty! What a lovely thing for someone to say. I’m grinning from ear to ear.

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      See, Poulsbo has its’ fair share of characters too. I have been walking my laps around town basically EVERY SINGLE DAY for two years. I am well known! Heck, even the Mayor, when she met me, said, “Ohhhhhh YOU are the woman I see walking around town all of the time!” See, I’m actually an infamous streetwalker! 😉

      But, I love the quirky people, the sun, the bay, the seagulls, and petting people’s dogs. It is a true JOY for me.

      However, as I told Susan, the best I can do for a crown is a Viking helmet… THEN I really ought to be noticed as I’m 5’10” tall!! Thanks for laughing with me Nadine… my joy in life!

  3. Random way to make your day.

  4. pat garcia says:

    What a lovely comment! And the nice thing about it is that he meant it. People admire people that walk around with a positive outlook written on their faces, and evidently when you walk, you’re in seventh heaven. Great!!

    Another thing, I love your quotations. I have no idea where you get them from but you always have the appropriate quotation or quotations for each post and I look forward to reading them.

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      Thanks for your compliment Patricia. You are so dear.

      As for my quotes, I Google them. I also have several books with quotations. I LOVE THEM!! For example: Funny pictures of plungers. Funny quotes about queens. Or inspirational quotes about wisdom… or whatever the topic. Try it!

  5. That invisible, but felt, support straightens one body and eases the pain.

    As for the crown, Gwynn, I thought maybe the Viking helmet, but Susan’s suggestion is beautiful and pleasant (I said “pleasant,” not a “pheasant”) and far more befitting a queen.

    Here in our town we don’t have such elaborate intersections, just cross streets, but drivers make it a game to see how many of us in the crosswalk, with the “walk” sign on, they can run down.

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      Hey remember we have the Native American culture around here too. I could easily walk around town with feathers in my hair. I’d bet I would receive some interesting reactions from either the pheasant feathers or the Viking helmet.

      Trust me, the intersections and crosswalks here can be a little exciting too. Some pedestrians take their life in their hands by just crossing without looking. The five way intersection is a tough one as people can’t see around the buildings to see if another car is already there or a person is in the middle of the crosswalk. This is where the Viking helmet might come in handy.

      But, I did appreciate the gentleman’s comment. I was radiant without a hot flash! 😉

  6. I did mean to say “one’s body,” not one body, above.


  7. Here is a man who knows exactly what he’s talking about and is not afraid to express his thoughts. I could so picture you walking in a regal manner. Made me smiled a great big smile. Thank you, Gwynn.

  8. Marsha Lackey says:

    It doesn’t surprise that you had the experience. When you tell me or all of us about your daily walks, I have seen you with determination, great posture and a sense of self awareness and confidence. I feel I know you enough to have pictured a queen of her island.

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      Yes, Marsha, it was a fun experience being “dubbed” Queen. I stand a bit taller… but I shouldn’t as I’m TALL ENOUGH!!

      Then did you see what I shared… the meaning of my name in Japanese means “The Blessed.” It was a delightful meaning. Now, I’m a Blessed Queen. I love it!

  9. suzanne says:

    How lovely 🙂 A small word or sentence and do so much for anyone’s self-confidence. I always try to say something nice – how well behaved someone’s children were – their clothes – anything really, just because I know how it makes me feel 🙂 x

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      Yes, it is fun having people recognize me and compliment me for all of my walking. However, to me, it is fun as it is my entertainment. But after receiving the compliment, I did feel like a Queen. It was lovely that he went out of his way to stop me. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  10. Random, but awesome. I bet that made your day.

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      I certainly did appreciate this man’s compliment, but I definitely don’t see myself as a queen! But I do receive lots of fun comments on my walks. I enjoy talking to people.

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