X = Xenial



“ He makes people please with him by making them first pleased with themselves.”  Lord Chesterfield 

“Don’t consider how many you can please, but whom.”        Publius Syrus


Xenial defined: Of or concern of hospitality toward guests.  Hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners. Of the relation between a host and guest; friendly.


Hospitable must be my middle name as I love having friends and acquaintances over to entertain them.  I enjoy preparing and presenting meals and drinks, making people comfortable, in the comfort of my normally organized home.


But soon, I have a challenge for me, as our neighbors will be moving us to our new home, a small apartment.  After their hard work and help, I want to reward them with something special to show my appreciation for their muchly needed help.

Boxes will be everywhere.  I’ll be clueless as to where to find everything in the new apartment.  The men will be exhausted, hungry, and thirsty.

If you were in my shoes… tired too, what would you do to THANK these wonderful people for the back breaking work that they volunteered to do for you?


Do you go order pizzas or Subway sandwiches or hamburgers and drinks?  What would you do to show appreciation and hospitality for the fantastic things these people did?

Xenial2 I NEVER in a million years can thank my friends and neighbors enough for the fantastic service they have done for me and my husband.







About Gwynn Rogers

After 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the fields of real estate, high tech, and corporate travel, Gwynn has moved on to the career of “Grandma.” When not teaching her granddaughters an extensive vocabulary of “alley-oop-boop, ups-a-daisy, cowabunga or bummer”, Gwynn can be found hunting for mentors for the Kitsap Youth Mentoring Consortium, or chasing her fantasies on her treadmill. Gwynn currently freelances for magazines.
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16 Responses to X = Xenial

  1. These kind people have given to you of themselves; their time, their efforts and the sweat of their brow. To my mind, the most appropriate acknowledgement of that would be to return the favour. Give them of yourself; your time and effort, and your creativity.

    Once you have everything set up, invite them around for the tastiest, plushest and most intimate home-cooked meal you can offer, then sit around and talk.

    Nothing Subway has to offer can come within a country mile of that.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from http://keithkreates.com

  2. pat garcia says:


    First, I love your quotes. Especially the quote with being kind to strangers because you might be entertaining angels unaware.
    If it were me, and I have been in that situation, I’d order two or three buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Cole Slaw, and cream potatoes. They will probably want something warm in their stomachs and they are using up a lot of bodily energy. I would also make sure they don’t pack my coffee machine so that you can use it on the day you’re moving. They will want coffee or tea. Maybe also get a couple of boxes of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to go along with the morning coffee.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      You know, Pat, it is funny. Once upon a time Kentucky Fried Chicken definitely would be the meal of the day. However… NOW… we don’t have one around nor do we have a Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop around… BUT I do know of some coffee and pastry shops where I probably can find something! Great suggestions for making me think! Thank you my dear friend!

  3. Susan Scott says:

    Your lovely neighbours may well provide for you Gwynn. But pizza sounds like a good idea and thermoses of tea and coffee, cookies (choc chip since they’re your favourite). But, no-one will expect this on the day. They know you are grateful and for them to help a lending hand to you is their pleasure also …

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      Hmmm, maybe I need to do some baking before I load all the food up to transport it! 😉 We have a pizza shop just up the street and the Grub Hut is near by too. I think they are thinking of moving us early… groan!! 😉 Of course I may eat all the chocolate chip cookies before they get here to move me! 😉

  4. Pizza and beer is always a fun option!

  5. I think your neighbors will understand; they sound like wonderful people. Pizza sounds good, followed by deserts. Or, if you know their favorite place to eat, maybe takeout. A great choice for X, Gwynn.

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      I’ll have to find out what type of food the guys like. Pizza may be the easiest, but there are a couple of hamburger joints nearby. I would feel terrible not doing something for them. Thanks for your suggestions! 😉

  6. Gulara says:

    There will be many opportunities to show them your appreciation, especially after you settle in. Your hands are full. No one would expect a feast in the midst of a move. I hope it all goes well.

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      The guys just came over to check out how much we have left to move. I don’t think it will be too bad, except for our King Sized bed. I do feel SO BLESSED for their help! I will be busy shuttling back and forth with my small things that I can carry. I hope to make this an easy move… I HOPE!!

  7. betty says:

    I would make sure for plenty of cool water while they are doing the work. Maybe afterwards when you settle in invite them back for a time of fellowship and a simple meal. Might be less stressful to do that then to try to get it all done on your moving day.


  8. Yes, I would order takeout, Gwynn, and bring in beer or whatever they drink. They won’t mind. It’ll be fun, and they’ll be glad for the food and drink. At least, I would be. And a chance to just crash and relax before driving home. Paper plates, plastic cups and utensils — dollar store or 99 cent store, whatever you have out there. Use paper towels for napkins.

    So … what time I we eating?

    • Gwynn Rogers says:

      I’m a slave driver!! The guys don’t get to eat until they are all finished with moving me in and helping me put the bed together, provided it arrives in one piece!

      When you show up, you can help me remake the bed! 😉 I’ll look forward to seeing you and putting you to work! 😉 Thanks for all your support!

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